Trim Your Toenails and Walk With Gratitude

peter and daniel_peter monn

Last weekend we were in Atlanta for business.  My husband Alex and I run an entertainment website and we were covering the TomorrowWorld music festival.  Since we only received one media pass, I opted to stay back in the hotel room and let him go to the music festival.  On Saturday afternoon I started to get a little bored, stuck at my computer posting on our site and writing my next book, so I decided to venture out into Atlanta.  A friend had Tweeted me that he was also in Atlanta for the Outkast concert and so I decided to walk down to where the concert was being held to take in the festivities before it began.  When I got there, I found myself squeezed in between people selling t-shirts and barbecue, fans running in the streets to get to the concert before it started and people just hanging out, there for the festivities even though they weren’t going to the concert.  Usually in a situation like this I would just keep on walking but something inside of me suggested that maybe I should sit down and hang out for awhile.


Facebook Creeping…Pastime or Personality Trait?

peter monn facebook_peter monn

Readers of this post will respond in one of two way; they will either sheepishly grin and laugh completely relating to it’s contents or they’ll deny any relevance and say I have way too much time on my hands.  Either way, do you think I care? Because I know one thing for absolute certainty, even though I’ve never looked into your phone or computer history; what I’m about to talk about EVERYONE has done!


Get Out Kid, Get Out

exit_peter monn

This weekend Alex and I came to Atlanta to cover the TomorrowWorld music festival for our website raannt.  Since we only got one press pass, we agreed that he would go to the music festival, especially since he’s more into the music than I am, and I would stay back and post stuff on the website and hold down the fort in the hotel room.  Basically this meant hours of television: Forensic Files, Hocus Pocus and a Law and Order SVU marathon.  Unfortunately, somewhere on the first day I came down with a horrible cough and cold, something that rarely happens to me.  I seem to have the immune system of a horse so of course with my luck it would make sense that I would get horribly sick on the weekend when I have nothing to do but walk around a new city and enjoy myself.  Instead I found myself confined to a hotel room, coughing and bitching at serial killers through the tube.


A Return to Innocence…Back to Basics

peter back to basics_peter monn

The last few weeks I’ve really been stuck while trying to figure out what to write on this blog.  I’m currently working on my next novel due out next spring, which might be part of it, but the reality is that I’ve always been able to multitask and I don’t believe my not being able to come up with post topics has anything to do with my book.  I started looking back through the past few posts I’ve written and noticed a theme; in some way they were all marketing tactics to sell my book.  Even though I wasn’t even completely aware that this was what I was doing, I was instantly disgusted.  I’ve never believed in overt marketing and believe that anything worthy will sell itself.  I thought maybe I should look back over my past two blogs and my original blog Suicide Birds and Seahorses.


Starbucks Hidden Menu Drink Contest!


My day always starts out the same way: Starbucks. No matter what time I get up, the first thing I do is get in my car and head over to my favorite drive thru Starbucks and order a Venti Iced Coffee with three equals.  No matter where I’m going, I drive out of my way to go to my favorite Starbucks, where, like Cheers, everybody knows my name…and my coffee!(A little shout out to the folks at the 80th and Keystone Starbucks in Indianapolis! Love you guys!) Being that Starbucks is such an important part of my life, I wanted to include it in my book The Before Now and After Then, to pay homage to something that has become a daily staple in many of our lives.

Since I work every day with teenagers, the coffee table in my office is often littered with plastic Starbucks cups of Frappuccinos.  Started several years ago, I noticed when I asked some of these clients what they were drinking they would tell me the name of a drink I had never heard of, only to explain that it was a “hidden menu Starbucks drink”.  I became intrigued with this idea of hidden menu drinks and wondered if it were true, so I asked the baristas I knew and they said that it was in fact true.  They would make any drink as long as you knew what went into it.  I loved this idea and had to include it in my book.


The Best Chili Recipe Contest!

michael myers halloween_peterisms

Autumn is probably my favorite season in Indiana.  I love the way fall weaves oranges and reds through the changing leaves of the trees and I love the cool whisper of the wind at night.  Since a very young age, Autumn has always represented mystery, suspense and tall tales.  Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  Growing up, all of the neighborhood kids would work weeks in advance designing a haunted house in our garage and then on the night of Halloween trick or treaters would come through our scary maze while we munched on my mom’s chili and apple muffins.

As sad as I am to admit it, summer is over.  But with it’s endings comes that late night whisper as the wind pushes fallen leaves down our street and I am yearning for the perfect horror movie to watch, my favorite genre, while sitting back and devouring a delicious bowl of chili.  It is, after all, the only meal I can cook effectively.


How to Balance a Successful Marriage with a Career?


Earlier today I posted a small contest on Facebook asking people to give me suggestions for blog topics.  My friend Ellison suggested that I write to the topic of “How to maintain a successful marriage while balancing a career?” I wasn’t entirely sure if this was the most appropriate topic for me to write about, but since I get asked this question on a regular basis, I thought I should venture a guess.