The Best Chili Recipe Contest!

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Autumn is probably my favorite season in Indiana.  I love the way fall weaves oranges and reds through the changing leaves of the trees and I love the cool whisper of the wind at night.  Since a very young age, Autumn has always represented mystery, suspense and tall tales.  Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  Growing up, all of the neighborhood kids would work weeks in advance designing a haunted house in our garage and then on the night of Halloween trick or treaters would come through our scary maze while we munched on my mom’s chili and apple muffins.

As sad as I am to admit it, summer is over.  But with it’s endings comes that late night whisper as the wind pushes fallen leaves down our street and I am yearning for the perfect horror movie to watch, my favorite genre, while sitting back and devouring a delicious bowl of chili.  It is, after all, the only meal I can cook effectively.


How to Balance a Successful Marriage with a Career?


Earlier today I posted a small contest on Facebook asking people to give me suggestions for blog topics.  My friend Ellison suggested that I write to the topic of “How to maintain a successful marriage while balancing a career?” I wasn’t entirely sure if this was the most appropriate topic for me to write about, but since I get asked this question on a regular basis, I thought I should venture a guess.


The Winner of Peter’s Super Fantastic #TBT Bored on a Thursday Afternoon Sweepstakes Contest

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Drug roll please…I’d like to congratulate the winner of my first ever contest sweepstakes on my blog, Tina Moralez!!! That’s her #TBT Throwback Thursday Picture above. I’ll be running a lot more contests because frankly now I feel like I’m running The Price is Right.  Before we get to the next contest, let’s take a look at what Tina won!


How Bout Some Fun…Let’s Have a Contest!

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You thought I was going to say KiKi, didn’t you? But that would have been lame.  First of all, let’s pause and take a look at this adorable #TBT above! (Throwback Thursday in case you’re out of touch with reality.) Here’s the deal; for the last six weeks I’ve been busy working hard on my next novel which will be released Spring of 2015(although you can contact me now for review copies…hint, hint book bloggers!).  When I’m not sitting at the computer, I’m driving around thinking about my characters, literally having conversations with them as if they were sitting in the car.  This will make much more sense to you once you’ve read the book, which you better do because it’s pretty fantastic.  That being said, if you haven’t read my current book The Before Now and After Then, finish reading this article and immediately go to the bottom of this page and order it!!!! Thanks I love you too! Anyway, I was driving around today, singing Lady Gaga’s Hair at the top of my lungs with my characters and I thought, If it’s a Thursday and you’re bored driving around town, why not a contest???


On Getting Older…

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Last week, someone made a comment that I looked “old as fuck”, to be exact.  They then chimed on by saying I at least looked 50+.  Let me make this clear; this was not from someone I know or even respect, but it still stung a little bit to say the least.  If it’s true, their honesty is appreciated, I guess, but I’m not really sure what someone gains by being put down directly.  I’m not perfect.  I can definitely be judgmental at times and I’m one to be blunt, but rarely at the expense of purposely causing someone to have hurt feelings.


The Art of Bullying

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Recently, with the release of my debut novel The Before Now and After Then, I’ve been asked to write a bunch of guest blog posts about bullying.  Most of the bloggers want to know why I created a main character who suffered being bullied and if I myself was bullied when I was growing up.  If you’re a reader of my posts then it is probably no surprise that yes, I was bullied during all of my years of school, but what you might find surprising is that today, I’m actually grateful for the bullying.


Day 2 of #30DaysofBookstagrams…Favorite First Lines

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If you read my post yesterday, you know I’m attempting to complete the #30DaysofBookstagrams challenge! The challenge for day #2 is to post a favorite first line, so of course I used the line from my book The Before Now and After Then! Check it out below and buy it! It’s a great end of summer love story with lots of tragedy, Black Jack gum and Starbucks hidden menu drinks!

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