The Day After Alton Sterling Was Killed…A Personal Response

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If we stand by and keep silent are we as bad as the action itself.  Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.





The Last Dance

peter and alex

Tonight I arrived home late and pulled my car into the driveway.  After turning off the engine, I heard the sound of the whirring fan from the upstairs window, informing me that my husband Alex was fast asleep with our pups.  I sat for a moment and scrolled through my Facebook feed, a soft wind whispering to me through the windows of my car.  Noticing that a video of Anderson Cooper in Orlando was trending, I hit the play button and sat back in my seat.  As he read the names of the 49 people who lost their lives in the tragedy at Pulse nightclub, I found myself, for the first time since the incident, sobbing.


My New Booktube Channel! (I Laugh and I Cry As Well As Talk About Books!)

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Don’t smirk, it’s true…I started a Booktube channel, partly in addition to my Book Blog Peter Likes Books.  I’ve already uploaded several videos including My Favorite LGBT Books, reviews of Go Set a Watchman and Dumplin and several other fun book tag videos and a book haul.  Please go check it out and subscribe to my channel Peter Likes Books HERE!

Much love,


My New Book Blog!

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After many, many days…and about the six hours, my Book Blog, Peter Likes Books, is finally up.  I also have an adjoining Twitter and Instagram so make sure to check it out and see what it’s all about! The new blog will specifically be for all things related to books, whereas this blog will remain my thoughts, ideas and all of those deep thoughts that keep you people awake late at night! I think you for tolerating yet another dream with me!

Much love,


Lady’s Doppelganger

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If you do not believe dogs have personalities, my guess is that you don’t spend much time interacting with our four legged friends.  To anyone who has one dog as a pet, or three as is our case, it doesn’t take long to realize that like people, dogs also have individual and authentic personalities.  Such is the case with our Tucker and The Case of Lady’s Doppelganger.


My 101st Blog Post…Now What?

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It’s an interesting day outside today in Indiana.  It feels like fall even though the tulips are in bloom and the trees are full and green.  No further adjectives needed; Indiana in the springtime is green.  As I was sitting on our front porch swing drinking some coffee I read through some of the messages I received after writing my last post, my 100th post.  When you write something you never really have any idea of what kind of response you’ll get from readers, if any. Several years ago I wrote a post on my blog Thoughts From the Couch titled Vampire Flowers.  It wasn’t really much of a thought out post, but just something I threw together late at night, much like most of my posts.  I woke up the next day to tons of emails and messages from friends and people I didn’t even know commenting on how much they related to the post.  I’d like to say that responses like that make writing for me easier, but in the past they’ve made me halt and think deeper about my posts.  What I miss most about my early days of blogging was that I blogged often and didn’t really put much thought into my posts.  They literally were my thoughts just translated into words on the screen.  It felt awesome that for the first time in my life people related to my real self.  I could be myself and that was OK.  But now what?  What do I want from my blogging and writing now?