The Before Now and After Then…A New Beginning!

peter monn new star_peter monn

In anticipation of the release of my debut novel, The Before Now and After Then, I have been trying to coordinate all of my 5000 social media sites, blogs and emails to the same name…Peter Monn!  Word of Advice: Before you ever decide to start a business, brand, band, whatever, decide on one name and stick to it!  I can be found under Peterisms, MrPemo, Pemovision, Thoughts from the Couch, raannt, the boys of raannt and whatever else you can find that I’ve forgotten.  But from here on going forward, I will only and forever, be found under Peter Monn…I hope!

You would think this would be an easy concept but in all of my business ventures I didn’t really think it through and it has always been a disaster.  My hope is that anything people might need to find about me will be found on this site, which will also host my blog and information about my books.

I’ve started several new websites and blogs throughout the years and there is always a certain amount of sadness that comes with closing out the old part of myself to start something new, but I believe change is vital for growth and success.  Incidentally, Raising Arizona is on in the background while I’m writing this post and I’m having an incredible time concentrating, but I just can’t turn it off.  It’s one of my favorites!

If you don’t know anything about me, check out my About Me session above as well as all of my social media sites.  I’ll be blogging here daily and be giving updates about my upcoming book and my future projects.

In a way, combining all of my sites together and moving in a new direction is a transitional period for me which references my book, The Before Now and After Then(#TBNAT).  But you’ll have to wait for teasers…

And stay tuned for the release of my book The Before Now and After Then July 29th 2014! Add my book to your Goodreads to-read shelf and go there to find out more and visit my author page! Thanks!


For now,




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