30 Day Blog Challenge!


I am exactly two months away from the release of my debut novel, The Before Now and After Then(#TBNAT), and I couldn’t be more excited! Actually that’s a lie.  There’s a lot of trepidation mixed in with the excitement.  What if no one likes it? What if people think it’s total crap? What if not one person buys my book? What if it just simply sucks? For those reasons, I need something to take my mind off of all of the editing, marketing, picking a cover, talking with reviewers, etc…all of the stuff I had no idea went along with actually being a writer.  I’ve always loved these 30 Day Challenges, so I’ve decided to pick one of the 30 Day Blog Challenges and stick to it for the month of June to help my readers learn a little bit more about myself and hopefully maybe I’ll learn something too! In the past, I’ve had disastrous results with the 30 Day Ab Crunch and Push Up Challenges, but this is one that I think I can do more effectively!

I looked all through Pinterest and found my top favorite 6 Blog Challenges and have put them below.  I haven’t decided which one I’m going to do, but I’ll post it tomorrow and give you guys a little surprise about the month to come.  Also, I have scheduled out a blog topic a day, which is personal to me, to write about in addition to the 30 Day Challenge.  And of course, you should always check out my entertainment website raannt full of celebrity interviews! If you’re a writer or a blogger, I encourage you to do the challenge too, and let me know…I’d love to follow you and learn more about you!

And stay tuned for the release of my book The Before Now and After Then July 29th 2014! Add my book to your Goodreads to-read shelf and go there to find out more and visit my author page! Thanks!


For now,


30 day blog challenge 1_peter monn30 day blog challenge 2_peter monn30 day blog challenge 3_peter monn30 day blog challenge 4_peter monn30 day blog challenge 5_peter monn30 day blog challenge 6_peter monn



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