The Best Summer Reading List!

best summer reading books list_peter monn

For day 3 of my 30 day blogging challenge, I was asked to write about by favorite books, but since I’ve talked endlessly about my love for To Kill a Mockingbird, I thought it would be more interesting to compile a list of books that I believe would make for the perfect summer reading.

When I was younger, my mom would take me to the library in the summer and let me pick out as many books as I wanted to take home and read.  I always challenged myself by reading books that were far ahead of my maturity, which is funny because now I love reading young adult books.  Through the years, I have been an avid reader, and besides being a writer, also am in love with books.  I love to hold them and stack them high around our house.  I love to discuss books, recommend books to others and find new books from the recommendations of my friends.  Above all else, I love finding a book that, for whatever reason, I absolutely cannot put down.  It is the surest delight!

For my list, I’ve decided to pick not necessarily my favorite books, but books that kept me thinking and wanting more.  The books on this list are the ones I have been unable to put down and I am sure would make for a perfect summer of reading.  I’ve linked each cover to their Amazon page in case you want to buy them or find out more information. Enjoy and please leave me suggestions for a great read…I”m always looking for a new book I’ve never heard of before!

The Best Summer Reading List


servents of twilight dean koontz_peter monnmy sweet audrina vc andrews_peter monnendless night richard laymon_peter monn


lucky jackie collins_peter monnsavages shirley conran_peter monnbridges of madison county_peter mmonnbeautiful girl behind a windowjackie collins rockstar_peter monn


dry augusten burroughs_peter monni'm not myself these days_peter monndetour cheryl crane lana turner_peter monn

Self Help/Motivation

magic rhonda byrne_peter monnif you have to cry go outside_peter monncodependent no more melody beattie_peter monncelestine prophecy_peter monn

Young Adult

go ask alice_peter monnthe fault in our stars book john green_peter monnwill grayson will grayson john green david levithan_peter monnthe beginning of everything robyn schneider_peter monnlove letters to the dead_peter monnthirteen reasons why_peter monnellen hopkins tricks_peter monneveryday david levithan_peter monn


aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe_peter monnboy meets boy david levithan_peter monnsomething like summer jay belltwo boys kissing david levithan_peter monngeography club brent hartinger_peter monnmysterious skin_peter monn


void moon_peter monnthe winner david baldacci_peter monndensity of souls christopher rice_peter monnrichard laymon in the dark_peter monnmichael chrichton next_peter monnboys life robert mcgammon_peter monn


garden of eden hemingway_peter monnthe member of the wedding_peter monntender is the night_peter monnthe moon and sixpence_peter monnslaughterhouse five vonnegut_peter monnthe color purple alice walker_peter monn

Just Great Books

billie letts shoot the moon_peter monnwally lamb she's come undone_peter monnsarah jt leroy_peter monnreplay grimwood_peter monnbillie letts made in the usa_peter monnchuck pahlaniuk snuff_peter monnferris beach jill mckorkle_peter monnwhite oleander janet finch_peter monndeep end of the ocean_peter monnthe homecoming_peter monnif on a winters night a traveler_peter monninvisible monsters_peter monnthe night country_peter monncrime in the neighborhood_peter monncruel sacrifice_peter monnthe speed queen_peter monn

I’m sure there are many books that I’m forgetting and have left off, but these alone would make for an amazing summer read! Please leave me comments about what books you were unable to put down! This summer I’m specifically looking for scary books that will make me hear things go bump in the night while I’m reading on my front porch!

Also, for the month of July, I will be continuing my daily blogging challenge, but will be responding to questions left by my readers, so please leave me a question below that you’d like me to answer in July for a blog post!

And stay tuned for the release of my book The Before Now and After Then July 29th 2014! Add my book to your Goodreads to-read shelf and go there to find out more and visit my author page! Thanks!


Much love,




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