The #30DaysofBookstagrams Challenge

30 days of bookstagram_peter monn

I’m horrible at these 30 Day challenges, but I think they’re so much fun that I’m going to keep on trying them! This one is the #30daybookstagram challenge.  Basically, you follow the rules for each day and post a picture to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or whatever of the description next to the date.  For example, August first is “August TBR” and since the paperback for my book The Before Now and After Then will be released in August, that’s what I’m going to put for the first one.  (Pretty cheeky huh?) Anyway, you get the drift!

Should be a lot of fun! Stay tuned and check back in tomorrow to see what I post! It might be kind of creative.

I’ll be posting mine on all of my social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for the book(thebeforenowandafterthen) and my personal Instagram(petermonn) so make sure to follow me on all of my sites!

Much love,


Oh yeah! And go buy my book.  It’s getting pretty amazing reviews and write-ups.  Check it out at the places below!

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amazon button_peter monn


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