The Winner of Peter’s Super Fantastic #TBT Bored on a Thursday Afternoon Sweepstakes Contest

tina_peter monn

Drug roll please…I’d like to congratulate the winner of my first ever contest sweepstakes on my blog, Tina Moralez!!! That’s her #TBT Throwback Thursday Picture above. I’ll be running a lot more contests because frankly now I feel like I’m running The Price is Right.  Before we get to the next contest, let’s take a look at what Tina won!

Tina’s Amazing Super Fantastic Unbelievable Prize Includes:

1. A guest cameo role in my next book! (Hmmmm…she has no idea what she got herself into!)

2. Pins, bookmarks and postcards from my book The Before Now and After Then

3. Some of my favorite things…(It was a surprise) Fruit Stripe Gum, Swedish Fish Candy and some Sharpies(Cuz she said she loves them and so do I!

4. A personalized #TBT Throwback Thursday signed picture of myself! (Yayyyy! Such Excitement!)

5. And a personalized current Soundtrack of My Life!



I really had a good time with this contest and I’ll be throwing this contest so I’ll be throwing one every Thursday! Make sure to stay tuned.  And to get a head start, make sure you’re following this blog and all of my social networking sites, if you have them, bc that will be a prerequisite!

Love you guys!


 Oh yeah! And go buy my book.  It’s getting pretty amazing reviews and write-ups.  Check it out at the places below!

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