The Best Chili Recipe Contest!

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Autumn is probably my favorite season in Indiana.  I love the way fall weaves oranges and reds through the changing leaves of the trees and I love the cool whisper of the wind at night.  Since a very young age, Autumn has always represented mystery, suspense and tall tales.  Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  Growing up, all of the neighborhood kids would work weeks in advance designing a haunted house in our garage and then on the night of Halloween trick or treaters would come through our scary maze while we munched on my mom’s chili and apple muffins.

As sad as I am to admit it, summer is over.  But with it’s endings comes that late night whisper as the wind pushes fallen leaves down our street and I am yearning for the perfect horror movie to watch, my favorite genre, while sitting back and devouring a delicious bowl of chili.  It is, after all, the only meal I can cook effectively.

As I was sitting in my office today, I started thinking about making a huge pot of chili, even discussing it with a client.  We both shared our recipes and how we had been taught to use the age old recipe on the back of a packet of Chili-O.  I longed for a new chili recipe, one that I could make year after year, possibly with a new side rather than crackers, muffins or garlic bread.  I decided I would host my very own contest(my last contest got a ton of submissions…thanks folks!!!) to find the best recipe for chili, while at the same time trying to pump my book a little bit!(There has to be a little business mixed in, right?) Interested? Here are the rules and the prizes.  This one is pretty easy!

The Best Chili Recipe Contest

Deadline: Wednesday September 10th 2014 12pm EST

1. If you believe you have the BEST recipe for chili, email me your recipe and any side dishes, deserts or way of serving to make it the best chili supper at

2.  You must also provide a title for your chili recipe.

3. Also list the title of your favorite horror movie.

4. Post the link of my book The Before Now and After Then on your Facebook or Twitter with any kind of encouraging message.

Here’s the link:

The Prizes!!!

1. I will post your recipe exclusively on my website and will actually make the recipe and report on it!

2. The title of your recipe will make an appearance in my next book.

3. You will receive a collection of some of my favorite horror movie DVD’s.

Alex and I will narrow down the contestants and actually make the chili and vote on who we think is the winner.

The winner will be posted no later than Sunday, September 13th 2014 11:59pm.

Enjoy and have fun with this one! I appreciate everyone who entered my last contest even those who were a bit late!

Much love,


Oh yeah! And go buy my book.  It’s getting pretty amazing reviews and write-ups.  Check it out at the places below!

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