A Return to Innocence…Back to Basics

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The last few weeks I’ve really been stuck while trying to figure out what to write on this blog.  I’m currently working on my next novel due out next spring, which might be part of it, but the reality is that I’ve always been able to multitask and I don’t believe my not being able to come up with post topics has anything to do with my book.  I started looking back through the past few posts I’ve written and noticed a theme; in some way they were all marketing tactics to sell my book.  Even though I wasn’t even completely aware that this was what I was doing, I was instantly disgusted.  I’ve never believed in overt marketing and believe that anything worthy will sell itself.  I thought maybe I should look back over my past two blogs and my original blog Suicide Birds and Seahorses.

I had originally started blogging six years ago as a cathartic way to get over my mother’s death as well as document tidbits of my life.  This was right on the verge of blogging when just a few people were starting what we know today as “mommy blogs”.  Personal blogs were more like diaries.  I would come home from work and then drive around, smoking cigarettes and drinking fountain Cokes while taking pictures of things that caught my interest.  Then I would go home and upload the photographs and write little vignettes about my life.  They were simple. They were nice.  I miss those days.

I ironically stopped writing on that blog the day before Alex and I went on our first date.  I don’t believe that it’s any coincidence I just think that Suicide Birds and Seahorse had served it’s purpose, but I still love it’s mission statement:   “It wasn’t really a sunny day when I chased after a cardinal into a dark hole and found that what I thought was a cardinal, was actually a seahorse with a red, felt, top hat…leading me on a journey into the deep blue, where I find myself every day, floating past reefs and mermaids…rediscovering why I’m in these vast waters…”

A few months later my cousin Caroline asked me if I had been blogging.  I explained that I had not and she suggested I start up again in an attempt to raise some business for my private practice.  Thus Thoughts From the Couch was born.  I have to say that in all my years of blogging, Thoughts From the Couch has been my favorite and I think I received the heaviest response from those posts, which always ended with my mother’s famous words “we’re on borrowed time as it is.”  Although the posts were supposed to be about things I learned from my clients, most of the words I wrote were about life lessons I learned in general.  I always thought I would publish a book someday called “Thoughts From the Couch” but that hasn’t happened yet.

After that, I started Peterisms and that was just a joke.  I never really related to anything on it and I’m still not really sure why I started except that I liked the name.  Still do.  Maybe someday if I’m famous people will refer to things I say as Peterisms.  I hope so at least.  There some good posts at Peterisms but nothing I’d rave about.

When publication of my book The Before Now and After Then was nearing, I decided to move everything to a blog simply called Peter Monn.  It doesn’t get much more simple than that.  I wanted all of my posts to be in the same place and easy to find.  In the old days, I’d post on my blogs several times a week, but now I only post once a week or so and it’s always a contest or some crap I don’t really believe in.  Tonight, while I was eating dinner I started getting sad thinking about those first days when I would drive around and get inspired to write about my old goldfish Johnny or the first day of school.  I suddenly realized that those were things I loved to write about.  Those were the things I was good at writing, because they rang true to my heart.  I realized that the only things I get excited about on my damn blog are my TV show and Movie of the week because they show a part of me, as sad as that might be.  Those old days were innocent because I knew only 5 or 6 people were reading my posts but I was writing it for me.  I miss that simplicity.

So here’s the deal; I’m not going to start a new blog because I like the title Peter Monn, obviously, but I am going to just post personal things on my blog.  I want it to be a personal blog.  I want it to be filled with lessons I’ve learned and life experience dripping from the typed characters like juice from a pear.  I want it to be alive.  I want it to be relatable.  I want it to be me.

I will be posting every day so make sure to follow me.

I’d still like you to buy my books.  I’m no idiot.  I’m a storyteller because I want entertain people.  But the blog will be me.  You can bet on that.

Those fans I’ve had all along will probably really enjoy this return to innocence.  I’m sure my new readers will as well.  I love you guys.  The emails and messages you send me about my writing makes me cringe with excitement.  Honestly.

For now,


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And make sure to check out my book The Before Now and After Then

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