Countdown to Christmas!

ugly christmas sweater_peter monn

Now that Halloween is over, the countdown to Christmas has begun, and I have found the perfect website with the Christmas Countdown Clock! You can personalize your own clock(mine says Peter the Fabulous, order a personalized letter from Santa and even buy an ugly Christmas sweater like the one above! Yes, I am this obsessed with Christmas, but no this isn’t what this post is about…

Even for me, it’s a little early to be thinking about Christmas.  I had planned on writing a post yesterday, November 1st, about all of the things I have planned for November, including posting daily, but much like my style I didn’t get to it until today.  For that reason, I’ll be writing two posts today.

Anyway, this personal blog has been a strange thing for me.  I initially started blogging about 6 years ago, before my husband and I started our entertainment website and long before I was a published author.  I actually think the story of how I started blogging would be an interesting post, maybe, so I’ll write it next.  The point is that through the years, the purpose of the blog has changed from being a personal diary to an education tool, to a money making habit to a hub pulling together all of my social media stuff and including a personal blog.  Recently, I’ve gotten away from writing the stuff I really like to write.  I’m constantly driving around, thinking to myself, what to write, what to write, when before I was inspired to just write.

And then this internal conversation turned to how I’ve gotten off of the road to myself that once seemed so clear.  I think sometimes happiness and success are also blocks to our life and that’s exactly what has happened to me lately.  I’ve fallen into taking for granted how hard the work was that was necessary to get to where I’m at today.  If that makes any sense, let me explain…

I plan on using the next two months transitioning to the next stage of my life and getting  back on the road to Peter.  I’ll be blogging daily, but the posts will probably be more like they were initially; personal diary entries about my thoughts and ideas about life.  I’ll be attempting to get back to that bohemian, carefree spur of the moment person I was in my late twenties and early thirties.  I plan on getting on this healthy, lifestyle kick I’ve planned for years but allowed myself to get completely out of shape. I’ll also be blogging about my progress but writing about the final outcome at the end of each month.  I’ll be finishing my next book this month.  I plan on doing something daily to improve my relationships in my life and to work on being a happier more positive person.

For me, it’s always worked best if I make a list of goals and an outline of a plan.  If I don’t do that, I don’t have anything to follow.  And I never, ever start a plan on the first of the month or the first of the year, but I do always start on a Monday.  Although this little bit of crazy, which I am, probably won’t make much sense to anyone, for me it works.  Oh, that’s the most important thing I’ll be doing in the next few months…following my own rules while being respectful of others.  It’s liberating to stand by your convictions and being true to yourself.  Try it.  Say no.  Make yourself  happy for once.

This post has gotten way out of control and definitely not where I wanted it to go.  Bottom line; I’ll be blogging daily in November.  In December I’ll be starting my YouTube videos again and hopefully will be blogging daily again as well.  I will also be getting back into shape and writing about my progress from time to time.  AND…I’ll be writing some really cool posts, so make to stay with me!

Also, I just finished 2 authors fairs and have some leftover books, bookmarks and shwag, so if you want a signed paperback or some shwag, email me at and we’ll work something out!

What things are you going to try and accomplish before 2015? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh, and November is also National Novel Writing Month.  If you’ve ever been interested in writing a book in a month, head over to NANO and sign up to write a novel in a month, join writing groups and all kinds of cool stuff! French Press Bookworks is also runing a contest to publish a writer in November! Check out all of the rules and’s pretty cool!

Much love,



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  1. I plan on successfully completing my first round of P90. This is the year that I whip myself into shape. Already 33 days in.

    Hike one mountain in the Adirondacks.
    Use my camera for something other than youtube updates/ learn photography skills.

  2. Hey Peter
    I think you and I have a lot in common. I love Lana Del Rey, Christmas and writing, I think I have seen you list all these as interests. I could talk about these three things for ever. This is such a great blog.

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