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When I was a little kid I loved to act like my kitchen was a diner and was the main waitress. Probably inspired by Alice, although I was much more like the “Kiss My Grits” Flo, I would force my mother to sit at the kitchen table while I took her order in an authentic, white waiter’s apron.  I played the role of overworked and underpaid extremely well, and would sigh heavily as my mom would order hilarious things like Coq au Vin and roasted pheasant, while I would suggest peanut butter and crackers and possibly a milk or soda, being that my cooking skills were minimal.  Come on! “Don’t shoot the waitress!” I’d scream, running around the kitchen amidst the lunchtime rush.  I could not be bothered with petty requests and surly customers.

Although there were certain given props to my play diner, such as an apron and a pad and pen, other props were added for my own personal delight.  I always, always, always had an old coffee can sitting on the counter next to my plastic cash register with a typed sign taped to it declaring “Suggestions Welcome”.  Of course, my mom would spend her entire lunch of peanut butter and crackers writing comments like “I think the waitress needs and attitude change” or “I asked for roasted pheasant and cranberry stuffing but all I got was stale Saltines and peanut butter”.  I’d hurl in laughter as we read them together while I clutched my prized $1 tip!

Sometimes I think it would be great if we carried suggestion boxes around with us all of the time.  I’d love to read some of the anonymous comments of my friends, family and client’s who I interact with on a daily basis.  Hell, I even think the lady at Walmart and the guy next to me in the movie theater should be able to leave comments, remembering, especially to the lady working the register at Walmart, that we can in return leave comments.

In a way, hasn’t that been what’s become of Facebook?  Although I don’t think people are honest at all.  If I was completely honest about all of the crap I read on social media, I would literally have no friends.  I’d love to comment on people’s status updates and pictures things like “Did you think about this before you posted it?” or “Your mother would be so ashamed”, or “Seriously not a good look”.  Of course, whenever I mention things like this people always point out to me that I post some rather “shameful” statuses and “horrible looks”.  Probably, but at least I can stand the criticism.

The thing is that as much as we don’t like to admit it, we do like the acknowledgement of some people in our lives.  I for one am completely willing to admit that I have probably 5 people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc who I don’t even really know, but I check to see if they liked my post.  How seriously pathetic is that? But like that 5 year old kid in Kindergarten, I still want to be liked.  I still want people to think I’m cool and want to be my friend.

This is the point where I admit that this post went in an entirely different direction than I expected.  I really set out to write about suggestions of things you’d like to see me write about on my blog and this is the result.  Maybe now you can appreciate how my brain works and what it’s like to be trapped in my head.

But back to the topic, I’ve really tried to be honest with people recently, no matter how they respond.  We’re on borrowed time as it is and I’m not willing to mince words.  If I want to be someone’s friend, I reach out to them.  It’s not a popular things to do and people often think it’s weird because we aren’t conditioned to think that way.  But I’ve always been weird and people have always thought I was different, so if I make a friend in the process, all the better.  If I lose someone who thinks I’m too weird, well, their loss I guess, just like one of my all time favorite quotes says:


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Bernard Baruch

I like being weird anyway.  I just want fun people in my life and I want to dance around and sing to crazy songs and laugh and cry and enjoy life no matter what.  And although I should put the suggestion box under the counter, I’ll keep it on top of the counter because from time to time, I do need to look at my behaviors from other people’s points of view.  I need to think about how I talk to and treat people in my life.  And quite frankly, I’m just too damn nosy not to want to know what people think about me.  But hat doesn’t mean I have to take it to heart.

And neither do you…

Much love,


P.S. Please leave me comments, email me or message me on Twitter and Facebook about suggestions for blog topics.  Start a conversation with me.  Make a new friend.  I love random email messages from people! I love making new friends and pen pals! Let’s get to know each other! And I love postcards and presents too! xo And please go buy the new paperback of my book!


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