How’s Your Diet? Week 1

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How’s your diet? That seems to be the question of the day since I posted last week about my weight struggles and my commitment to losing weight and getting healthy.  I received so many encouraging emails, texts, Tweets and Facebook messages that I literally felt overwhelmed with support…and a little bit vulnerable.  Honestly, I put everything about myself out into the world for everyone to see, but it’s a little bit different when you admit that you’re a bonafide fatass who has been 50-90 pounds overweight for the past few years.  The truth is that I’ve isolated myself so much over the past year that I’ve just continued to gain weight and at some point I really stopped caring.  So thank you for all of the kind messages! They totally made my day and now I don’t feel so all alone.  Especially wonderful were the messages from people saying they totally related to my food issues, being a food addict and feeling stuck.  But the question of the day seems to be how have I done with my diet so far?

First of all I want to clarify a few things.  I by no means feel that what I’m really doing is a diet.  I am firmly grounded in the fact that I am making some very severe lifestyle changes and that this will be how I live indefinitely.  It is just easier in day to day conversation to refer to it as a “diet”.  Like I said previously, I’ve tried a ton of fad diets and they all worked to some degree but I gained all of the weight back when I stopped.  That meant for this lifestyle change I had to have a pretty concrete plan that I committed to following.  I sat back and looked at what had worked for several of my friends, as well as some experts, wove that together with what I knew would work best for me and what would be easiest for me to follow.  The most important thing I thought about was that I would have to some extent get just as excited about the new food I was eating as I had the bad food I was eating, and for the record, yes, unlike people, I do believe there is good food and bad food.

So what has been my plan? (And this is going to be so incredibly cheesy but I don’t care.  I’m going to put everything down.)

1. I bought a small notebook to track my progress, water drank, exercise and daily food intake…at least for awhile.

2. I also started using the My Fitness Pal app again on my iPhone.

3. I fasted last Monday for the first 24 hours.

4. After the fast, I began an all vegetarian/all raw foods diet for a minimum of one week but hopefully longer.  (I have previously been a vegetarian and it was the best I ever felt re: energy, sleep, mood and happiness. I firmly believe in at least an all vegetarian diet.)

5. I started drinking 2-3 liters of water daily.

6. I stopped drinking soda and coffee.

7. I started working out minimally.

8. I tried to go to bed at more regular hours and get at least 8 hours of sleep.

9. I bought a Nutri Ninja and started making smoothies every day, including probiotics and matcha green tea powder.  (I walked around Target and Meijer for weeks before buying one and now I wish I had bought one a year ago! I totally swear by this thing and no I’m not sponsored….I wish!)

10.  I only ate between 1000 and 1500 calories daily and was full.

11. I did not attempt to stop smoking yet. (Come on…give me a break!)

12.  I filled my fridge with fruits and vegetables so that if I was hungry I could eat a carrot or make a low-cal smoothie.

13.  I started drinking 1 bottle/400 ml of Kombucha daily.


The result?

In my first week I’ve lost 8.6 pounds!

(Maybe all water weight but oh well!)

The Failures?

1. I did not stop drinking soda completely, BUT I did only have 3 sodas the entire week, vs one 32 ounce fountain diet soda daily.

2. I did not stop drinking coffee with Equal.  (I’m trying to get rid of all aspartame in my diet).

3. I have not regulated my sleep schedule..but you probably guessed that!

4. I only minimally worked out.  This is a hard one for me because there was a time I ran five-seven miles a daily and lifted four times a week, but it’s going to take me some time getting back there.

5. Day three was really a struggle!

6. Day six was pretty bad too.  I woke up and weighed myself(yes I’m one of those daily weighers and always will be so save the lecture) only to find that I had actually gained a pound and a half.  This was probably due to my intake of 3+ liters of water daily or the fact that I was eating so few calories, which I’ve altered to make sure I’m eating healthily.  But this gain resulted in a total breakdown and I screamed at my husband for not understanding what I was going through daily.  Literally, this food detox is reminiscent at times of my detox from alcohol and drugs…no lie!

I think that’s all really.  It’s been a pretty good week with the exception that I still struggle looking in a mirror.  I just look so fat and my confidence level is still very, very low.

The Successes?

1. I made it an entire week on a raw foods/vegetarian diet.

2. I fast for 24 hours.

3. I cut way back on coffee and soda.  And interestingly, even though I don’t drink that much soda, I really missed it and had cravings for it.  It was only when I couldn’t have it that I noticed how much I wanted it.

4. I made it through a family dinner of macaroni and cheese, my favorite, and didn’t eat any of it.

5. I stuck to my goals and didn’t deviate or go above calories.

Some Strange Things I’ve Noticed or Coincidences

1. I feel really happy and energetic as soon as I get up.  I will say that I totally swear by this matcha green tea powder.  Literally within an hour of drinking it I feel totally alert and awake, but pure, not like how I feel on caffeine.

2. My headaches have gone away.

3. I’m falling asleep faster and easier.

4. This may sound strange, but my eyesight has seemed to improve.  Just something I notice while I’m driving.

5. The water intake is not clearing up my skin…it actually seems to be getting worse but this could be from the internal detox at first.

What Things Really Made a Difference and Helped My Diet?

1. Buying the Nutri Ninja.

2. Allowing myself to go to whole foods stores and get really excited about buying vegetarian products.

3. Getting creative with fruit/vegetables and smoothies.

4. I’ve found a ton of smoothie and juice(yes I also own a very expensive, yet dusty, juicer) recipes on Pinterest!

5. Staying focused on five pound goals instead of 90 pound goals.

6. Telling everyone that I’m changing my eating habits.  Accountability has been everything for me so far.

7. Drinking lots of water.

how to lose weight fast 2_peter monn

Probably the most important thing that has happened so far is that my friend Devin, who is also making lifestyle changes, doing the P90x etc, suggested I watch these videos by these brothers called the Light Twins, who eat all raw foods and give suggestions in their very amateurish videos, which are totally inspiring.  They really encourage eating leafy salads so tonight I loaded a huge bowl up of three types of lettuce, some mushrooms and a ginger dressing, thus breaking my raw foods diet but remaining vegetarian. It was so much fun actually eating food again and what I realized, as stupid as this may sound, is that I could eat a large quantity and enjoy it and it could be healthy.  And I didn’t even finish the salad which made me feel good!

Also, reading Skinny Bastard, the brother book to Skinny Bitch totally helped! I now swear by that book!

My friend asked me today about my long term health goals.  I think for my first week I didn’t even think it could be possible to stay on the “diet” so I didn’t want to think into the future, but now that I’ve been doing this for awhile, I really see this as becoming a focal point in my life.  I’d really like to get back into exercising and lifting and stuff, but for right now, this is enough for this fatass!

I’ll be posting my progress here every Monday so follow along with me and let me know what’s worked for you! I’m also thinking about doing videos of my progress and secrets to what’s worked for me, but I’m not sure…what do you think?

This isn’t what I enjoy writing.  Once a week is enough and I don’t want to write about it more than I have to.  I don’t think it’s necessarily fun to write about being overweight or about what lifestyle changes I’m making to get back into shape.  It’s not fun to talk about the struggles I have, physically and mentally.  And it’s not fun writing that it’s no easier looking in the mirror this week than it was last week.  But this is where I get accountable and if I don’t do it I won’t stay on the track I need to be on until it become second nature.

Thanks for joining me in my journey!

Much love,



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  1. As they say, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
    It’s definitely a slow process, and you didn’t get to where you are right now over night.
    You will get there and it will be truly rewarding when you do. Do not forget to celebrate the small victories along the way. 8lb is still 8 lb. Don’t take that away from yourself.

    You’ve got this, Peter! Xx

  2. I think you have a great plan in place!
    I also think you are soon going to find that you just feel better and the food was a lot of what was making you feel bad, and then the rest takes care of itself. At least that’s what happened with me. Either way, you have my full support!!!

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