Holiday Diet Secrets!

thanksgiving diet 1_peter monn

I promise that every post on here won’t be diet related, but chances are if I’ve uploaded a new video on my healthy journey channel My So Called Healthy Life, I’ll be posting a new update on here as well! Have you ever dieted through the holidays and struggled with watching everyone else eat while your guilt and hunger and overpowering you? Are you currently on a diet or making healthy life changes and wandering how you’re going to stick to it during the holidays, one of the trickiest times of year to eat healthy?

If so, maybe you’ll relate to my newest video Holiday Diet Secrets.  By now you probably know that my videos are more personal testimonies and diaries of my struggles than actual fitness and health guides so maybe you can relate.  I’m trying to be raw and really put myself out there so people who are sitting at home can say “I totally relate to that” or “I struggle with the same thing” and maybe we can get through it together!

Go check out my newest video Holiday Diet Secrets and let me know if you relate to it! Please leave me comments, like the videos and please subscribe to my channel! Each new subscriber is really encouraging and motivating me to stay on track!

Love you guys!


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