My Favorite Things #1

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Most nights I find myself struggling to fall asleep as thoughts of things I need to do and the worries of my life fill my head.  Typically these are useless thoughts as there isn’t much more I can do than grabbing my phone for the 100th time and writing myself a note, text or email, all of which I forget in the morning.  Recently I’ve been trying to think of more positive things to help soothe myself to sleep.  A few nights ago I found myself doing this when I remembered that it had always been my dream to be on one of Oprah’s My Favorite Things shows, where she gifted thousands of dollars of gifts to her audience members.  Now, I love a good gift.  I do, as well, love to give gifts, but I’m going to be very, very honest and admit that I adore getting gifts, especially if someone has taken special time to find just the right thing.  Clients often bring me candles for my office with scents that remind them of me or bags of their special Chex mix.  These gifts are the most special because they come from the heart! I’m a sucker for a hand made card.  But don’t get me wrong…I’ll take a Gucci pair of sunglasses any day! (Thanks Aunt Kathy!)

I think what I loved most about those Oprah shows though weren’t the gifts, but the surprise that everyone felt when they found out that they had walked into one of the most glorious “Oprah” days ever.  It was the surprise and the excitement that made the difference, not necessarily the gifts.  I’m sure they were wonderful, but probably many of those people still have some of those gifts junking up their garage.  It was the feeling associated with the My Favorite Things show.

This got me thinking; don’t we all have My Favorite Things days?  Don’t we all have things that happen to us throughout the day that are awe inspiring moments, no matter how small or how profound? I know that I certainly do.  So I decided that I would begin sharing “My Favorite Things” on my blog, and numbering them so that I could be reminded just how lucky I am to have these free “gifts” given to me by the universe or my higher power or just good ole luck.  Maybe, just maybe, if my mother were right, life was in the smallest details.

At some point during all of this thinking I fell asleep, phone in hand.  Hours later, I woke up, the fan whirring the sheet around my legs, the full moon staring down at me through a small gap in the window shade, my dog asleep next to my leg and my husband asleep on the other side of me, his breathing soft like faraway waves.  My eyes scanned the room as a car drove by and it’s headlights surfed the outline of our room.  I was still.

So still.

I looked at the clock and it was 4:05 am.  I still had several hours to sleep, not having to get up until ten.  Standing up, I stretched and looked out the window at the moon showering our front yard with the most perfect light.  I walked downstairs, my dog Dunken closely at my side, and walked into the kitchen.  It is during these late night risings that I like to drink ice cold water out of a metal cup, just like in “prairie” days.  I’m not sure where I fell in love with this custom but it has lasted since I was five years old.

I took down my metal mug, filled it with ice and water and chugged down one full cup before filling it again and walking outside.  Dunken strolled out into the yard as I sat down on the glider on my front porch and lit a cigarette.  (When I am ready to quit smoking I’ll ask for judgement.  Until that time, just enjoy it as part of the story.) My zippo blazed in the moonlight and I swung lightly on the glider, sipping at my water and smoking my cigarette while the dog sniffed the yard.

The night was perfect.  And what made it even more perfect was that I still had almost six more hours to sleep.   That moment, when I wake up in the middle of the night, accompanied by my dog for a glass of the most delicious water and a stroll outside, only to fall quickly back asleep for a few more hours, is quite literally, one of my favorite things.

And this is just the first of many.  I hope you will join my ride and comment below on some of your most favorite things as well.

Much love,


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