The Summer of Storms…

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It’s been an interesting summer.  In early May I made a list of all of the activities and goals I wanted to complete and accomplish this summer, and now as the the end of summer closes in on us, I am reminded that I haven’t actually completed many of these goals.  In fact, I had planned to keep a diary for a year, but that plan fell apart on day one.  So what have I been up to this summer?

Let’s see…reading, listening to books on Audible, watching countless television shows on TV and Netflix and tracking them on my TV tracker, sleeping in and taking lots of naps.  I’ve always clocked in a lot of hours on Soundcloud and filled my iPod with tons of new songs.  Sifting through old pictures and realizing how entirely fat I’ve gotten over the years has consumed me as well.  Yes, I’ve eaten lots of amazing food this summer! Pizza, pizza rolls, Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby Ice Cream, pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches and delicious chicken salad and many, many, many fountain Diet Dr. Peppers with crushed ice.

It has been a good summer.

And yet, I feel that I’ve been off track.  Something has been missing. Ah, yes! I have barely written a single word all summer.  (It’s hard to write when my pup Boo Radley wants my constant attention.  Mostly he’s terrified of storms so he spends much of his time on my chest because this has been “The Summer of Storms”.)

Peter and Boo Radley_peter monn

And now August is upon us.  I’m probably not going to accomplish all of my goals, obviously, and the truth is that I would like to spend maybe a few hours at the pool before the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween swoop down with the winds of a Midwest autumn, but maybe I can accomplish just one writing goal, besides completing my next book, of course.

For the month of August, I have decided to make a commitment to write at least one blog post every day.  I may write more, but I am going to hold true to at least writing one a day.   I already have a huge list of topics ranging from everything from more of My Favorite Things to “who is my role model?”, and being traditional in a progressively changing world.

I hope you’ll read them and follow along with me in the next month.  (I also plan to get back to my YouTube videos so if you enjoyed those I’ll be updating you with where you can find them!)

A lot of people have messaged me about still wanting to read my book The Before Now and After Then before my next book comes out next year! If you’re still interested, and I hope you are, the links to purchase it are below or contact me at and I’ll explain how to get a signed copy! (Or just send me little notes and messages…I love those!)

Also, I’m new to Snapchat so make sure to go and add me @petermonn

Much love and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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