Peter’s Truly Honest Reviews

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**This is NOT a sales pitch for me to sell you my blogging and social media skills! Trust that!

I am the king of blogs.  Actually, scratch that.  I am the king of starting blogs.  Eight years ago I was first introduced to blogging and since that time I’ve started and ran 10 blogs.  I’ve had several personal blogs, a blog for my dog, lifestyle and fashion blogs and the men’s lifestyle and celebrity interview magazine,, that my husband and I started together six and a half years ago.  I’ve helped tons of people start blogs and other forms of social media, including Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and I still help people out on a regular basis, although at this time I’m charging for those services.  (Sorry folks!) And NO! This is not a sales pitch.  I just love to blog and set up social media accounts.  That being said, it should surprise no one, especially my husband Alex who gets tired of my constant light bulb moments when ideas scatter through my mind with no foreseeable actualization, that I have a new idea for a blog!

It seems like in the last year, people have been constantly asking my opinion about everything from music and books to deodorant and candy.  Several times I’ve sent my responses in direct emails to companies, writers and owners of companies either singing their praises or telling them I’m gravely disappointed with their services.  Several have returned my messages and even sent me coupons and products thanking me for my time or excusing poor materials.  (Old Spice sent me $20 in coupons in response to my email about a stick of deodorant that looked like a melted popsicle stick!)

But that’s not really the point.  I don’t care if I get free stuff, although I do think I should be reimbursed for poor goods and services.  I think everyone should be reimbursed if they don’t get their money’s worth.  Not until I started responding to surveys and sending out these emails did I really realize how important the consumer is to the business world.  Hell, we’re the ones keeping the industry, whatever industry going, with a supply and demand economy.

There are many items I swear I will never use again and certain establishments I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy.  (I don’t actually have many enemies but you get my drift.)  I’ve also had amazing experiences and bought items which delighted me and seemed well worth their value.  One such item was Mrs. Thinsters Cookie Thins Cake Batter 4 oz (Pack of 12).  I just happened to find these stuffed in the bakery section at the grocery store on a night when I felt fat.  The whole bag is something like 560 calories and they taste AMAZING! The story about how they got started is cute too! Go read it on the Mrs. Thinsters website!

cookie thins cake batter reviewed_peter monn

The cookies are just one example.  I constantly have opinions about everything I use.  I know my reviews are no different than the others, but after you’ve been in the blogging business for awhile you notice a trend.  Many people give good reviews in exchange for product. (Except for book bloggers.  They give horrible reviews and receive entire manuscripts in exchange for a 1-2 star review.  Ridiculous.  No more free books from me for book bloggers EVER!)

So, that leaves me to my new blog idea; Peter’s Truly Honest Reviews.  This would include everything you can possibly imagine being reviewed from movies and TV shows to items at the convenient store.  Apps and technology and even iPhones! (Send me my free iPhone 7 before it hits the stores!)

What do you think? Would you read these reviews? Do you think it’s a good idea? What things would you like to see reviewed if I start this new blog? Let me know in the comment section below.

And don’t forget to follow all my social media and check out my book! You guys are the best!



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