My Obsession with Zombies!

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In the last few months I’ve become absolutely obsessed with anything involving zombies.  I’m not really sure where this new obsession began, maybe with The Walking Dead, but I don’t think that can be the case since I’ve watched the show for years and my obsession only recently began.  A couple of months ago I started watching Fear the Walking Dead and instantly fell in love with the show.  After that I started Googling “the best Zombie books and movies” and came up with a list that I wanted to battle, in hopes of delving deeper into the Zombie nation…no pun intended! As I started reading some of these books, especially Rhiannon Frater‘s As the World Dies series, and began watching new movies and TV shows like Z Nation, I noticed an almost constant homage to famed Zombie movie creator and director George Romero.  As I started researching his films I realized that one of my favorite childhood horror movies, Dawn of the Dead, was directed by none other than George Romero.  Now, to many of you Zombie enthusiasts it probably sounds foolish that I didn’t already know this, but you have to remember that my obsession was new.

As I thought back on my interest in Dawn of the Dead I remembered not caring so much about the zombies as I did about the people living in the mall, fighting for their life.  I can still remember being fascinated by the idea of living in a mall.  It was the same feeling I had when I first saw Night of the Comet and imagined what it might be like to be one of the last people alive on Earth.  In looking at these movies in this way it made me start wondering if my obsession wasn’t so much with zombies as it was in end days survival.

While listening to Rhiannon Frater’s books on Audible, of which I’m totally obsessed, I found myself becoming almost more interested in the stories of the people than the actual zombies themselves.  The same could be true of the cast of Z Nation, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead, who almost started to feel like family instead of a cast of characters.  I think anyone who watches The Walking Dead or has read the graphic novels would agree that the story of the characters is more interesting than the actual zombies.  Sure, the zombies are frightening and horrific, but I find myself thinking about what way I would be best at killing zombies.  I think of what I would keep in my one backpack of survival and where I would hide out.  In fact, lately I’ve been thinking about writing my own zombie series with my own spin to it.

I’ve talked to lots of zombie enthusiasts and even though many are extremely fascinated with the actual undead and how to kill them, they also admit they are equally obsessed with the idea of end days survival.  Does that actually speak to our being bored with our daily lives or wanting a fresh start? What really lies at the bottom of our obsession with these shows and books and can other pop culture obsessions be evaluated the same way? I’m equally obsessed with serial killers and I’m not sure what that might say about me either.  I must have some pretty deep demons hidden way under the surface, or, some of us have finally pushed our imaginations as far as possible and can only imagine a more exciting life if we were living in the Zombie Apocalypse, which I honestly believe in by the way.

No matter what’s at the root of my obsession, the fact is that I am obsessed! I’d love to any suggestions on movies, books and TV shows to feed my longing! Gotta go…the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead just started!



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