Do I Want Nachos or Do I Want to Achieve My Goals???

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When I posted the picture above on Instagram someone commented, “Why are you pouting?” My response was, “Because I’m fat and hungry!”  The truth is that I’ve been complaining about my weight for several years and still cannot seem to do anything about it.  Actually, can’t is the wrong word.  I still choose to not do anything about it.

Every year on New Year’s Day I make a list of goals I want to achieve for the following year.  Interestingly, because I’m pretty goal oriented, I seem to accomplish many of these goals each year, no matter how lofty they may seem.  Today I happened to find my list stuck way far away in my notes section on my phone.  I read through them and laughed.  I hadn’t completed a single goal on the list; not a single one.  That’s actually not entirely true.  I had made progress on each one, I just couldn’t cross it off the list.  And guess what was at number one? Ding, ding, ding!!!! “Get in shape and get weight down to at least 180”.

Tonight we ate nachos from Chammps…

I’m poking fun at this only because I need to find some humor in the ridiculousness of my situation before it wins me over.  I know how to lose weight.  I know how to get into shape.  As a former vegetarian, former healthy eater, former daily runner and lifter, I know how to do all of these things, so please save the advice! I just can’t find the motivation.  Somehow along the way I’ve become way too comfortable in my oversized clothes that even a pig wouldn’t feel sexy wearing.

But it isn’t only the weight, it’s also the other goals.  If I were to evaluate this from a life coaching point of view, the fact that this goal holds the “most weight” at number one indicates that to me, it is the most important goal.  That being said, it serves as either a floodgate or dam to the other goals.  How well I”m accomplishing the most important goal on my list will absolutely indicate how well I achieve my other goals.

Needless to say, I find myself back at…we ate nachos from Chammps…

And they were delicious, but not as delicious as I feel when I’m confident and secure in my own body like I used to be.  And there are other goals on the list I want to achieve as well.  I was actually thinking today about my post I wrote two days ago about BDD; body dysmorphic disorder.  I received tons of feedback from people including emails, comments and direct messages.  People encouraged me to lose weight in a healthy way while others fed me compliments.  The only thing I could think about was that it wasn’t that smart for a successful life coach to admit his downfalls on a blog directly related to his business.  But screw that! Since I’ve been sober I’ve always “lived out loud” and “told on myself” and that has worked beautifully for me so far.

Which brings me to the point of this post.  Nachos? No! I’m openly declaring on my blog that as of tomorrow 10-6-15, I will be resetting my goals for 2015.  Hell, I have three months left; I can still get a lot done.  I encourage you to do the same.  I will also be having my clients make new goal lists this week.  Many of us make annual dream or goal lists only to stuff them away, never to be seen from again.

I may post my list of goals tomorrow.  Actually, that would probably be a good idea to hold myself accountable.  (Teeth chatter out of fear of actually being held to something!) Come back tomorrow and find out what I’ll be focused on before the end of the year.  Make a new list for yourself and share some of your goals below.  Whatever you want to do, do it, because like I used to say on every one of my blogs…we’re on borrowed time as it is! I’m not wasting any more time.  Tomorrow is a new day and I’m going to start it off fresh!

The nachos were delicious, but the time to say to nachos is now! No to Nachos!!!

For now,


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  1. Ok, number one…stop stepping on the scale. Preferably, throw out the scale. Eat healthy and exercise. You can do it… you already know it’s a choice about what you eat and whether you exercise. You CAN do this. .. I once heard my sister-in-law say to my niece when she said “I can’t…” say “you can’t, or you don’t want to”. So simple, yet totally true. You don’t need advice, you need motivation? “but not as delicious as I feel when I’m confident and secure in my own body like I used to be.” So you didn’t always feel bad about your body, at least not as bad as you do now. Dig down deep and do it. The more time you let go by, the harder it’s going to be to get started. What’s your biggest reason for wanting to get into the shape you want to be in? Keep that reason in your mind and focus on it and just go for it now, not tomorrow, not next week. Do it now.

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