The Best Audio Books on Audible!

the before now and after then paperback 3d_peter monnI am literally obsessed with Audible.  I became a member about a year ago when a YouTuber reviewed it as one of their favorite things of the month.  Since that day, I constantly have a book playing in my car anytime I’m driving around town.  Late at night I drive around and listen to books, sometimes not even wanting to go to bed because I’m so engrossed in the stories.  Not only do I love listening to the audio books, which allows me to listen to a book while at home I’m reading a book, making it easier for me to read more books from my list of “want to reads”, but I also love following the narrators, who in the world of audio books have a fandom of their own.  I listen to some books specifically for the narrator.  All of this being said, you can probably imagine my excitement when I found out that my book The Before Now and After Then was being made into an audio book.  Not only would I be able to listen to in audio form, my very own book, but I got to be part of the development process myself, auditioning the narrators and picking out who was my favorite.   This week my book went live on Audible! For two days I drove around listening to it, even though I had edited it and listened to it before, filled with excitement.  It started making me think about some of my favorite books I’ve listened to in the last year and so I thought I’d compile a list of my favorite reads…or,listens! Also, if you’ve been thinking about trying Audible, your first month is free and your first download is free.  It’s super easy, so go check it out and listen to my book The Before Now and After Then for your first free download! (It would truly make my day!) Check out my list of favorites below!

the beginning of everything robyn schneider_peter monnBeautifulBoylooking for alaskanaomi and ely's no kiss list david levithan_peter monnsomething like summer jay belleveryday david levithan_peter monnsorta like a rockstar_peter monntwo boys kissing david levithan_peter monngeography club brent hartinger_peter monnbillie letts shoot the moon_peter monnbillie letts made in the usa_peter monnwe were liars e lockhart_peter monnthe order of the poison oak_peter monnan abundance of katherines_peter monnfangirl rainbow rowell_raanntlilly and dash_peter monninvisibility david levithan official_raanntthe before now and after then by peter monn new edition_peter monnhis true love gave to me_peter monni'll give you the sun_peter monnattachments rainbow rowell_peter monnfighting to survive rhiannon frater_peter monneleanor and park audio book_peter monnforgive me leonard peacock_peter monnsammy and juliana audio book_peter monngo set a watchman_peter monnnoggin audio book_peter monnpaper towns audio book_peter monnrainbow boys audio book_peter monnthe fifth wave audio book_peter monnwhere things come back audio book_peter monnthe shack_peter monntilt a whirl_peter monnlandline_peter monnmosquitoland audio_peter monn

My favorite series BY FAR was Brent Hartinger’s Geography Club series!!! I also loved Josh Hurley who narrated the entire series, of which has not yet concluded!

geography club_peter monnthe order of the poison oak_peter monndouble feature brent hartinger_peter monnelephant of surprise_peter monn

My least favorite audio book BY FAR was Landline by Rainbow Rowell, which was interesting because I loved her other books!

So what were my absolute favorites, besides my own(lol)? Check them out below!

blackout audio book_peter monnthe art of racing in the rain_peter monnthe first days_peter monnthe girl on the train_peter monnlove letters to the dead_peter monn

There you have it! The best and the worst! Please try out Audible and if you want a suggestion for your trial book go check out my book The Before Now and After Then!

Much love,


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the before now and after then paperback 3d_peter monn

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  1. The Art of Racing in the Rain is epic. Caleb read it in school and totally insisted I read it. So glad I did. Congrats on your book being part of the audiobook world. Super-exciting! You should walk and listen sometimes, instead of driving and listening. That shit will be illegal soon 🙂

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