Song of the Day – Friday, October 23, 2015

the cure_peter monn

In the last few months I’ve been thinking a lot about getting back to my roots.  I’ve wanted to kind of rekindle that old bohemian soul from my youth and just live out loud as much as possible.  Part of this was wanting to make this blog my own personal blog instead of a centerpiece for business, which obviously it will continue to be.  That being said, in the next few months as well as the year to come, I hope to post more personal blogs, fun blogs and things that turn me on, not necessarily pieces for reader views.   Part of that is my Song of the Day, which will probably end up being a Song of Every Other Day or Every Third Day because I’m not very good with consistency.  I’ve always wanted to be a DJ…or a VJ(Downtown Julie Brown was my idol!).  This section will give me that outlet.  I hope you’ll stop by daily and check out whatever song I’m grooving on or a song that I feel is perfect for that particular day.  And stay around for more fun posts and videos on my YouTube channel! I hope you enjoy today’s pick! I think it’s perfect.

the cure friday I'm in love_peter monn

The Cure was one of my all time favorite bands in high school.  Even today, my iPod is filled with some of their classics.  Strangely enough, it seems that every time I play shuffle on my iPod on a Friday, Friday I’m in Love comes on! (Incidentally this song came out in 1992…two whole years after I had graduated from high school!) I can only believe that this is some metaphysical, super spiritual message and actually, yes, It’s Friday…and I’m very much in love! This one goes out to my husband who is currently walking the streets of New York City! Love ya Mister!

peter alex bed_raannt

Enjoy the song!!!!

Check back tomorrow for my next Song of the Day!

Love ya!


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