About Me


My name is Peter Monn and I am, most importantly, a moon child.  I take a 3 hour nap every day, eat loads of mac and cheese and love to drive around late at night and listen to music.  I am not ashamed to admit I am a huge fan of 80′s punk rock and old country.  My favorite pastimes are chasing full moons, reading 1940′s pulp mystery novels, gambling in Vegas and reciting movie lines.

In all seriousness, I am a life coach and author of young adult novels, which also appeal to adults.  I also run an online entertainment magazine, raannt,  with my husband, Alex.  (Check it out, it’s pretty cool and filled with celebrity interviews and music reviews!) Prior to being a life coach and author, I worked as a counselor at an adolescent, residential treatment center.

My writing can be found all over the place including The Huffington Post and my three previous(yes three...) blogs, Suicide Birds and Seahorses, Thoughts From the Couch and Peterisms.  It took me three blogs to realize I just needed to be settled under the title of my own name.  My debut novel, The Before Now and After Then, was released in 2014. My next novel is set to be released Winter 2017.

I live with my husband Alex and our three dogs; PP, Tucker and Boo Radley.  They tolerate me and for that I am much appreciative.

My birthday is June 29th…please send all gifts in care of Peter at peter@raannt.com

I guess if you’re bored you can also send questions, stories and whatever, just don’t send those Russian Mail Order Bride ads…Other than that, I will answer all mail and encourage it.  I am a believer that we don’t send enough post cards!

I’m a big hugger, a smirker and a great kisser!



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