My 101st Blog Post…Now What?

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It’s an interesting day outside today in Indiana.  It feels like fall even though the tulips are in bloom and the trees are full and green.  No further adjectives needed; Indiana in the springtime is green.  As I was sitting on our front porch swing drinking some coffee I read through some of the messages I received after writing my last post, my 100th post.  When you write something you never really have any idea of what kind of response you’ll get from readers, if any. Several years ago I wrote a post on my blog Thoughts From the Couch titled Vampire Flowers.  It wasn’t really much of a thought out post, but just something I threw together late at night, much like most of my posts.  I woke up the next day to tons of emails and messages from friends and people I didn’t even know commenting on how much they related to the post.  I’d like to say that responses like that make writing for me easier, but in the past they’ve made me halt and think deeper about my posts.  What I miss most about my early days of blogging was that I blogged often and didn’t really put much thought into my posts.  They literally were my thoughts just translated into words on the screen.  It felt awesome that for the first time in my life people related to my real self.  I could be myself and that was OK.  But now what?  What do I want from my blogging and writing now?



Help Make My Dreams Come True For Only a Dollar!

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Hey guys and girls! I don’t ask for tons of favors, but I just found out from my publisher that my book just made it into Amazon’s Top 100 List for Gay Fiction & Literature! If I sell 40 or 50 more in the next few hours I might just make it into Amazon’s Top Bestsellers so every purchase counts! It’s on sale for the next four hours for just $.99! That’s one dollar! One buck! It would really help make my dreams come true if you could buy it…and even pass this post on to others! People are saying they love the story (blush) and that it even makes them cry! I’d just like to get it out there and get it more attention so readers can meet the characters I fell in love creating!

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Thanks a bunch! Much love! Please share this!


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