Be Careful of Other People’s Opinions

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One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned, only really recently learned, is that other people’s opinions can be very, very dangerous.  In the past lessons haven’t come to me suddenly, but over time, or through “Aha Moments” as Oprah refers to them.  This was the case yesterday.



Do I Want Nachos or Do I Want to Achieve My Goals???

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When I posted the picture above on Instagram someone commented, “Why are you pouting?” My response was, “Because I’m fat and hungry!”  The truth is that I’ve been complaining about my weight for several years and still cannot seem to do anything about it.  Actually, can’t is the wrong word.  I still choose to not do anything about it.

Every year on New Year’s Day I make a list of goals I want to achieve for the following year.  Interestingly, because I’m pretty goal oriented, I seem to accomplish many of these goals each year, no matter how lofty they may seem.  Today I happened to find my list stuck way far away in my notes section on my phone.  I read through them and laughed.  I hadn’t completed a single goal on the list; not a single one.  That’s actually not entirely true.  I had made progress on each one, I just couldn’t cross it off the list.  And guess what was at number one? Ding, ding, ding!!!! “Get in shape and get weight down to at least 180”.

Tonight we ate nachos from Chammps…


My Favorite Things #1

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Most nights I find myself struggling to fall asleep as thoughts of things I need to do and the worries of my life fill my head.  Typically these are useless thoughts as there isn’t much more I can do than grabbing my phone for the 100th time and writing myself a note, text or email, all of which I forget in the morning.  Recently I’ve been trying to think of more positive things to help soothe myself to sleep.  A few nights ago I found myself doing this when I remembered that it had always been my dream to be on one of Oprah’s My Favorite Things shows, where she gifted thousands of dollars of gifts to her audience members.  Now, I love a good gift.  I do, as well, love to give gifts, but I’m going to be very, very honest and admit that I adore getting gifts, especially if someone has taken special time to find just the right thing.  Clients often bring me candles for my office with scents that remind them of me or bags of their special Chex mix.  These gifts are the most special because they come from the heart! I’m a sucker for a hand made card.  But don’t get me wrong…I’ll take a Gucci pair of sunglasses any day! (Thanks Aunt Kathy!)


Help Make My Dreams Come True For Only a Dollar!

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Hey guys and girls! I don’t ask for tons of favors, but I just found out from my publisher that my book just made it into Amazon’s Top 100 List for Gay Fiction & Literature! If I sell 40 or 50 more in the next few hours I might just make it into Amazon’s Top Bestsellers so every purchase counts! It’s on sale for the next four hours for just $.99! That’s one dollar! One buck! It would really help make my dreams come true if you could buy it…and even pass this post on to others! People are saying they love the story (blush) and that it even makes them cry! I’d just like to get it out there and get it more attention so readers can meet the characters I fell in love creating!

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Thanks a bunch! Much love! Please share this!


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The Language of Letting Go…The Broken Dreams Poem

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I am not a religious person.  Not at all.  But I highly respect those people who have strong religious convictions and feel that it works for them.  That being said, I am a highly spiritual person.  There is a difference.  I don’t necessarily believe you need religion to be spiritually minded.  I’m sure people will challenge me on this issue, but this isn’t really a post about religion.  This is a post about freedom.