My New Booktube Channel! (I Laugh and I Cry As Well As Talk About Books!)

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Don’t smirk, it’s true…I started a Booktube channel, partly in addition to my Book Blog Peter Likes Books.  I’ve already uploaded several videos including My Favorite LGBT Books, reviews of Go Set a Watchman and Dumplin and several other fun book tag videos and a book haul.  Please go check it out and subscribe to my channel Peter Likes Books HERE!

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Bravo for Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments: A Review

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Wow! My first book review on my website.  I’m not even really sure where to start.  I don’t like stars, so none of my reviews will have a star rating.  When I was a little kid in elementary school, I tended to always get blue stars instead of gold and red like the other students.  At the end of my 2nd grade, I asked my teacher why I had always received blue stars and she said because she felt that they were exactly the color of my eyes.  At the time, I didn’t understand what a powerful compliment she was giving me and I stayed stuck in the fact that my fellow classmates were prancing home papers emblazoned with gold stars while my refrigerator glowed back at me in a sea of blue stars.


Day 2 of #30DaysofBookstagrams…Favorite First Lines

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If you read my post yesterday, you know I’m attempting to complete the #30DaysofBookstagrams challenge! The challenge for day #2 is to post a favorite first line, so of course I used the line from my book The Before Now and After Then! Check it out below and buy it! It’s a great end of summer love story with lots of tragedy, Black Jack gum and Starbucks hidden menu drinks!

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Catching Up on Book Stuff! Favorite Series and Books that Make Me Cry and Laugh!

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It seems that I’ve gotten a little bit behind in my book blogging challenge.  I wish that I could say that I’ve been busy doing busy people things, but the truth is that I am starting my new book tomorrow and my first book comes out in three weeks, so I gave myself a much needed 2 week vacation of very little reading and writing.  Instead, I filled my hours with junk food, reality television and some of the worst films I’ve ever seen, with the exception of The Fault in Our Stars, which I bawled relentlessly while watching.  In the interim, I also had a birthday, got married, judged a beauty pageant, celebrated another 4th of July and had blueberry and chocolate pancakes for the first time! It’s been a busy few weeks, but it’s time to get back and catch up on my 30 day book blog challenge!


What Book Have I Read More Than Three Times?

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This is actually an interesting question and one that comes up on a regular basis.  As a writer, and a life coach who served as a counselor to teenagers for most of my life, a book that someone reads over and over again indicates something they relate to in the book or something that resonates with them on a deeper level.  For me, that book has always been The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.


30 Day Book Blogging Challenge…Best Book I Read Last Year!

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Last month, I attempted to blog every day per several monthly “blog challenges” I had found, but grew tired of some of the questions, so fell sort of my goal.  In anticipation of my book release for The Before Now and After Then on 7/29, I wanted to do blog daily about something dear to my heart; books! I found this really cool 30 Day Book Blogging Challenge and will be blogging the response for each day, as well as additional blog, so stay tuned to learn about my favorite books of all time!


Cover Reveal & Synopsis for The Before Now and After Then by Peter Monn

the before now and after then official cover_peter monn

Immediate Release from Pen Name Publishing:

The Before Now and After Then

by Peter Monn

Danny Goldstein has always lived in the shadow of his identical twin brother, Sam. But when a hurricane of events forces him into the spotlight, he starts to realize that the only thing he’s truly afraid of is himself. With the help of his costume changing friend Cher, a famous uncle with a mysterious past of his own, two aging punk rocker parents and Rusty, the boy who will become his something to live for, Danny begins to realize that the music of the heart is truly the soundtrack for living.”


“We’ve been talking up Peter Monn’s The Before Now and After Then for the past few months as we gear up for his release on 7-29-2014.

Today, we bring you the much anticipated cover.  We elected to stick with current trends of simplistic design centered around a symbolic element from the story.  In this case, an unlabeled B-Side of a mix tape.  The background is a nice and vibrant green, evoking the school bag of a very important boy who becomes the narrator’s reason for living.

Every now and then a publisher comes across their dream manuscript.  We knew we would find many that we loved, but we never expected our third release to be such a powerful and moving title.  We truly believe that The Before Now and After Then has the power to transcend genre’s and bridge gaps that span between social stigmas and social acceptance.

This YA Novel deals with issues that begin during adolescence and often haunt people well into their adult years.  However, the loveable main character, Danny Goldstein, takes a turn and in exchange, turns the tables on life by conquering himself and those that challenge him along the way.

It is extremely hard to talk about this book without giving away the farm.  All we can say is to trust us and give this book a chance.  We have never felt so strongly about a piece and it’s potential to be a positive force for change.  We truly believe that Peter Monn has the ability to be one of the strongest voices of his generation and bring LGBT or Diverse literature across lines, past social stigma, and into the hearts of readers worldwide.

Yes, the lead character is gay.  Yes, the lead character falls in love.  But this is not merely a gay love story.  It is a beautiful tapestry that is carefully woven, will touch your soul, inspire you to be better to those you come in contact with, stand up for those who are being held down, and reach out a helping hand to those around you.  It just so happens to be a story about a boy who is struggling and along the way, finds his first love.  In a boy.

Our goal is to bring you bold stories by bold authors.  To push boundaries, to bring stories to life that will challenge, create, and inspire.

If there is any book that truly embodies this set of goals within its pages, it is The Before Now and After Then.

Reviews and ARC copies will be available on 7-1-2014 and we are taking review requests for this title.  Furthermore, Peter Monn is available for interviews and more information about the author can be found on his website at


Please visit the Goodreads page to add this book to your shelf!

You may also contact me directly at for further information, media requests or interviews.  I personally respond to each message.

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