“Fix Society. Please” Smiles for Leelah Alcorn #SmilesForLeelah

leelah alcorn suicide_peter monnAs I was scrolling through Facebook today, I came upon a post about the suicide of 17 year old transgender teen Leelah Alcorn.  After reading the article, which included her suicide note posted on Tumblr, I went to her Tumblr page and read both of the notes she left and continued to scroll through the many posts and pictures she had reblogged.  While there were many pictures indicating desperation, there were also pictures of Asian pop idols and anime.  I smiled to myself thinking about this young girl sitting at a computer in her room,sharing pictures she related to and felt spoke of her true self.  That smile was instantly shaken as I began crying, almost uncontrollably.  Another teenager lost.  Another useless death.



Do People Really Want Bullying To Stop?

wonder woman_peter monn

This past week my social network sites have been full of news clips about Ronin Shimizu, the 12 year old boy who took his own life due to bullying for being on a youth cheerleading squad.  I see so many of these stories anymore that I almost feel immune, probably like many others, to the reality that the pain of bullying still exists in our society.  For some reason though, I couldn’t rid my mind of Ronin’s face.  In pictures of him cheerleading, he looked so happy and so full of life that I couldn’t take my thoughts off of the fact that a 12 year old…12 year old, had killed himself, for any reason.


My #1 Fanboy! Being Schooled on Transgender Awareness

peter monn bored_peter monn

It’s weird putting yourself out there on the worldwide web.  While I have friends who are deleting their Facebook accounts and swearing off social media, I keep writing more blogs, developing more YouTube channels and finding new social media sites.  Truth be told, I love social media.  When my friends talk about deleting their accounts because of what people post I’m a little surprised, but I think people take all of it too seriously anyway.  Social media is supposed to be fun; a way to meet other people who have like interests.  I don’t take too seriously those that post political shit that doesn’t align with my beliefs because I think we are all entitled to our own opinions.  And you know what they say about opinions.